The group of companies «PRIOR» is the alliance of the companies charged with development, producing, promotion and distributing feature films and TV series on the territory of Russia, CIS and the Baltics.

Our catalogue consists of 1000 hours of foreign titles, and we have more than 1500 hours of Russian films and TV series.

The president of The group of companies «PRIOR» is Rodion Pavluchik.

The Group of companies «PRIOR» consists of:

The Production companies:
• The Producer Center «PRIOR Production»
• The Producer Center «PRO100 Film»
• The Production Company «GREEN-Film»
• The Distributor Company: «PRIOR Distribution»

The companies «Videoservice» and «Lizard» which release about 200 titles a year on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Our studios have produced more than 70 films and TV series for Russian leading state TVchannels.

The group of companies «PRIOR» is the member of the Assosiation of movies and TV producers.