Release news: Five minutes of silence. Sea and mountains

Release news: Five minutes of silence. Sea and mountains
Very soon, the premiere of the new season of the most popular TV series "Five Minutes of Silence" will take place on the NTV channel. 24 episodes will be aired at once – a real gift for the viewer who missed his favorite heroes, brave rescuers!


Cast: Igor Lifanov, Roman Kurtsyn, Oleg Andreev, Sergey Borisov, Nikita Transeev, Maya Voznesenskaya, Olga Filippova, Konstantin Vorobyov, Andrey Averyanov, Dmitry Krivosheev, Antonina Divina, Evdokia Tarasova, Ararat Vartanyan, Ivan Ivanov, Mikhail Ryabov, Sergey Pioro, Ivan Lapin

Gireev's detachment leaves the gentle banks of the Volga to move to other shores covered with pebbles and washed by the warm sea. Sochi! A paradise for everyone except rescuers. The sea and mountains, rivers and caves, rafting and diving, horseback riding and balloon flights – all this endless variety will not allow emergency workers to sit without work. In Sochi, Gireev's rescuers share one base with another local detachment. The guys learn from each other invaluable experience, go on challenges together and gradually become one family. And everything happens in the family. Our heroes will have to make new friends and new enemies. It's not easy to figure out an enemy wearing a friend mask. It is not easy to overcome dislike and lend a helping hand. It's not easy to fight for your love. But they will cope.

General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Executive Producer: Natalia Trush, Vladimir Bogdanov
Director: Natalia Mikryukova, Mikhail Kabanov, Alyona Tasheva
Scriptwriter: Anna Solntseva, Evgeny Kuratov, Rostislav Nesterov, Yaroslav Zagreb, Daria Bulatnikova, Alexander Gorsky, Alexey Sidorov, Svetlana Belyaeva, Evgenia Svirikova, Elena Fisina, Tatiana Buditskaya, Maria Beilinson
Genre: Drama, Adventure
Runtime: 24x52 min.
Release year: 2022-2023

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