Filmmaking news: Orlinskaya

Filmmaking news: Orlinskaya
On October 28, filming of the second season of the popular detective series "Orlinskaya" began in Sochi.

Serious passions are boiling in the quiet resort of Limansk. And these passions add to the work of the senior operative Marina Orlinskaya. In the Amur Hotel, where Estuaries come for secret romantic meetings, a young Krasnodar major was killed. Who did he meet in this love nest? Did the killer have time to leave the hotel, or is he still here? Who is this mysterious guest who wanders through the rooms, evading a conversation with the police? As soon as Marina gets answers to all these questions and closes the case, the sea will wash a new body to the estuary shore. A lonely brave retired military man in his declining years met his first love, finally found happiness – and lost his life. Who could prevent this quiet autumn romance? Investigating another murder, Orlinskaya is surprised at how little she still knows about people... even about those he has known for a long time.

Like a bolt from the blue – a man died from an electric shock in Limansk. It would seem that it was just an accident: a person brought an extra wire to his house, and he took it and short-circuited it. But the case turns out to be not so accidental, and the deceased turns out to be Marina Orlinskaya's ex-husband. And as soon as this case is solved, another death happens: a passport officer from the Department of Internal Affairs of Limansk dies in the basement of her house, poisoned by young wine. It seems that danger is circling around the Marina like a shark, and the circles are getting narrower, and the elusive mafia is getting closer and more real.

Cast: Olesya Zheleznyak, Svetlana Terentyeva, Oleg Andreev, Maria Guseva, Andrey Mokeev, Alexander Kulkov, Denis Yurov, Oleg Metelev, Alexey Batanin, Miroslava Sanaeva, Irina Khrul and others
Director: Alexey Holidays
General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Producer: Dmitry Zolotov
Executive Producer: Tatiana Prozhiko
Scriptwriter: Anton Markov
Genre: Detective
Runtime: 4 x 44 minutes
Release year: 2023

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