Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast

София Прекрасная: Волшебный пир
  • Year:2014
  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Animation


There's more than meets the eye when you join Sofia the First for a royally scrumptious adventure! All the monarchs from Enchancia's neighboring kingdoms have come to watch a dazzling display of magic: First, Cedric will conjure up a fabulous feast. Next, he'll transform the banquet room into a hall of amazing "morpho-mirrors." But before the fun begins, wicked Miss Nettle (disguised as "Sascha The Sorceress") crashes the party with a scheme to steal Sofia's magical amulet. Can Sofia foil the bad fairy's plan before it's too late? Perhaps with help from Snow White, who reminds her it's important to trust your instincts. Sparkling with music and excitement - plus four more spellbinding episodes - THE ENCHANTED FEAST may be the fairest of them all!