Litle Nephew

  • Year:2015
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: RomanticDetective
  • Duration: 45 minutes, 4 series
  • Director: Aleksandr Itygilov jr.
  • Writer: Natalya Shimboretskaya
  • Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Vitaliy Sirenko
  • Cast: Evgeni Pronin, Darya Plahtiy, Anatoli Kotenyov, Valentina Pugachova, Mikhail Pshenichnyi


This is a story that changed the life of a prosperous family: the influential businessman and civil servant Yuri Shalimov, his wife Lyudmila, their son Dmitry and daughter Tatiana. Long time ago Dmitry’s parents have re-jected their son’s bride, a provincial girl Julia. They wanted him to marry Olga Gladysheva, the daughter of their friends and business companions. Julia, who was expecting Dmitry’s baby, hastily leaved. It smashed the life of the whole family, ruined all the plans of Shalimovs. Not accepting the loss of his beloved, Dmitry went to seek his runaway girlfriend, and soon died in a car accident. Lyudmila Shalimova could not outlive her son and died a year later. Yuri Shalimov was shattered by the tragedy too, but he continued to work, and tried to protect from the upheavals his 16-year old daughter Tanya, who was studying in England. 7 years later Shalimov gets sick and realizes that his days may be numbered. The father asks Tanya, a promising fashion designer, for a favor. More precisely, it is a request that can be fatal for the Shalimovs that used to be a powerful family. Tanya would have to find Julia and her child, the heir of the deceased Dmitry, continuation of the family! But she does not know, how many predators are ready to tear apart the empire of the old lion Shalimov. And they don’t need Tanya and the mysterious young “heir” on their way.