Snow & ash, 10.05.2015

Snow & ash, 10.05.2015
TV channel “TV Center” prepares a great premier in time for the anniversary of the Great Victory – a spy detective “Snow & Ash”. The first run is scheduled for May 10, 05:25 p.m.

In 1942, a large unit of Soviet troops runs into a German trap where all that connects the army with the rearward areas is a narrow neck of land surrounded with swamps. The Germans prepare a breakthrough and an experienced subversive is incorporated among the Russians. In order to expose him, the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs plants one of its best men, major Urusov, who brings along three young reconnoiters. Passing himself off as colonel Yampolskiy, Urusov undertakes the investigation, but the subversive is on the watch: he kills witnesses one by one and organizes constructions of a forest track for the German armored vehicles to get through the seemingly unpassable thick. Urusov constantly finds new suspects, but every theory falls apart. Finally, Urusov, at the risk of his own life, exposes the subversive who turns out to be the person no-one suspected at the beginning, and the reconnoiters, together with a partisan group, stop the Germans’ advance and enable their army to break free out of the trap.

Cast: Denis Shvedov, Olga Sutulova, Anatoly Beliy, Daniil Spivakovskiy, Alyona Ivchenko, Konstantin Vorobyov
Production company: ООО “PRIOR Production” and OOO “Studia Green Film” ordered by “Telemaster” studio
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Creative producer: Igor Marin
Film director: Alexander Kirienko
Scriptwriter: Mark Gres
Runtime: 4 episodes, 44 minutes each
Category: war action detective
Production year: 2015

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