Release news: Women's sentence

On December 3, at 17.35, the premiere of the new series "Women's Verdict" will take place on the TV channel "TV Center".

Actors: Daria Lenda, Natalia Burmistrova, Vladimir Kolganov, Varvara Obidor, Mikhail Kharin, Kirill Saker, Evgeny Shumeyko, Mikhail Morozov, Danila Voropaev, Nadezhda Melnikova, Dmitry Zhigunov, Kirill Taskin, Mikhail Sidash and others

Based on the novel of the same name by Maria Voronova.
The 1980s. Judge Irina Polyakova is forced to conduct the trial of a young rock musician Kirill Mostov, who is accused of serial murders. According to Soviet laws, he is threatened with capital punishment, and Irina is not eager to condemn a person to death. But the chairman of the court, Valery, with whom Irina has a long-standing affair, persuades her to take up this case, promising to finally divorce his wife at the end of the process. Hoping to find family happiness, single mother Irina agrees. The people's assessors Nadezhda and Natalia were involved in the consideration of the case. They are very different, it is difficult for them to understand each other, and each has its own problems: one cannot find a common language with a rebellious daughter, the other is in love with a colleague who considers her a thug professor's daughter and therefore despises. So the case of a maniac who killed six girls unites three women – a judge, a teacher and a doctor. The path to the truth is difficult: everyone is under pressure from their side, each of them has to take a fresh look at long-known and close people, and each struggles with herself to make the right decision – not only in court, but also in life.

General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director: Alexey Holidays
Scriptwriter: Elena Gniteeva
Creative Producer: Oleg Bogatov
Genre: Drama, detective
Runtime: 4*44 min.
Release year: 2022

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