Release news: Tender leaves, poisonous roots

On December 22, at 17:35, TV channel “TV Center” will present the premiere of the detective mini-series “Tender leaves, poisonous roots” — the fourth one in the series of screen versions of popular novels by Elena Mikhalkova.

Actors: Evgeny Pronin, Alexey Vakulov, Svetlana Smirnova-Katsagadzhieva, Daria Rumyantseva, Alena Starostina, Vitaliy Taks

Sergei Babkin's wife Masha receives an invitation from her classmate Sveta Rogozina for a hen party - a meeting of old school friends at a resort near Moscow. Masha does not really want to go, because she, like most of the girls in her class, has unpleasant memories of the school. And it's Rogozina, the queen of the class, who's to blame. But curiosity takes over childhood tragedies and grown-up classmates come to the resort: everyone is interested to see each other and Rogozina, who, according to social media, lives abroad and changes rich husbands like a woman changes clothes. Hour after hour, the hen party looks more like a viper's nest, as if women were gathered deliberately, to reveal all their teenage grudges and current secrets. The atmosphere becomes very tense and the storm is about to come - one of them will be found dead in her room. And the suspicions will fall, first of all, on Masha. And it means Ilyushin and Babkin will have to deal with a new investigation.

Directed by: Ruslan Paushu
Written by: Anton Markov
Film producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Producer: LLC “Green Film”, by order of LLC “TeleMaster” Studio
Genre: detective
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Release year: 2019

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