Release news: Old Keys Room

On December 21, at 17:10, TV channel “TV Center” will present the premiere of the detective mini-series “Old Keys Room” — the third one in the series of screen versions of popular novels by Elena Mikhalkova.

 Evgeny Pronin, Alexey Vakulov, Svetlana Smirnova-Katsagadzhieva, Vladimir Kolganov, Anna Khristich, Filipp Azarov, Elena Kuprashevich

A well-known psychologist Anzhei Kovalsky lives in a luxurious mansion in a village near Moscow. He has an unusual technique: he collects vintage keys all over the world, and then, having listened to a specific patient, selects a key from his collection, whereupon the inspired owner of the key finds a way out of a difficult situation independently. And now Kovalsky himself is in a difficult situation: detectives his housekeeper Anatoly disappeared and the owner hires Ilyushin and Babkin to search for him. They come to the mansion together with other guest-patients and start a secret investigation. There is too much strange in the case. The housekeeper was obviously out of Anzhei's favor; he did not even inform the police after the housekeeper's disappearance and clearly concealed something from the detectives. And his guests, each in their own way, are suspicious. Makar believes there is a dangerous fanatical member of the Gatekeepers' sect under the guise of one of them ...

Directed by: Anton Pavlyuchik
Written by: Elena Vakhrusheva, Andrey Terekhov
Film producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Producer: LLC “Green Film”, by order of LLC “TeleMaster” Studio
Genre: detective
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Release year: 2019

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