Release news: My best foe

The first show of “My best foe” detective melodrama on “TV-Center”channel – September 23, at 16:0.

Actors: Marina Mitrofanova, Valentin Tomusyak, Anatoly Kotenev, Leonid Gromov, Natalia Dolya

Businessmen Ignatyev and Bondarev are not only partners but also best friends. Their children both elder and younger ones are on friendly terms too. Once, on a family holiday at Bondarev's house, the host suddenly declares he want to divide the firm. Ignatyev leaves the holiday in a fit of rage and slams the door. Bondarev's wife enters his study room and sees her husband lying on a floor with his head heavily injured. Miraculously survived Bondarev gets to a hospital, Ignatyev - to investigation cell. Before being arrested, he asks his elder daughter Sonya, who is about to fly to Paris, to take also her brother Petya: Ignatyev persuades he has not beaten Bondarev, so someone is playing dirty pool with them and his family is endangered too. The car of security guards carrying small Petya to the airport is stopped by gangsters; guards are shot dead and the boy is kidnapped. But he manages to escape and meet his sister. Sonya hides Petya in a village and starts own investigation with her boyfriend Roman to rescue her father and protect Petya, though she gets under threat too.

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Vitaly Sirenko
Director: Alexander Itygilov
Written by: Yury Tarabanchu, Kira Khudolei
Runtime 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: detective melodrama
Release year: 2017

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