Release news: Lapse of action

First show of “Lapse of action” detective melodrama on “TV-Center” channel – September 10, at 17:30.

Actors: Daria Rumyantseva, Vladimir Kolganov, Sergei Radchenko, Olga Morozova, Evgeny Avdeenko, Yulia Kudoyar

Alexandra is happy with her husband Anton and daughter Masha. She teaches language in the elementary school and loves her job. Only lack of money and dislike of her mother-in-law darken her life. Anton has troubles at work and Alexandra applies for a work of private tutor in a rich family to help her husband. Once she comes to a lesson and finds a mother of her pupil dead near an empty safety-deposit box. Being afraid of charges, Shura escapes. But when the police come to her home for a search, they find jewellery belonging to the dead woman. The heroine is detained and imprisoned. 10 years later, after leaving the prison, she learns she's been deprived of everything. Her husband chose her best friend, daughter Masha believes that mum has betrayed her and does not want to talk to Shura. She finds no work and has no place to live in. And the father of her pupil wants to revenge Alexandra for murder of his wife. Free life turns into real hell, even compared to staying in prison. However, Shura does not give up: she will struggle for justice to find the real murderer, restore her good name and daughter's love.

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Vitaly Sirenko
Director: Maxim Demchenko
Written by: Yekaterina Latanova, Bella Pribylova
Runtime 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: drama
Release year: 2017

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