Release news: Fox smile

Release news: Fox smile
The firs show of “Fox smile” detective melodrama on “TV-Center” channel –April 8, at 17:20.

Actors: Alisa Varova, Alexei Nilov, Mikhail Tarabukin, Galina Sumina, Tatiana Tuzova

Once they were friends - hand and glove: eight students-biochemists, eight «companeros» as they called themselves. They studied, fell in love, had a good time at parties… Many things have changes since that time. Only the habit to call each other with old student's nicknames and the tradition to drink heady punch mixed by own receipt «Fox smile» on the eve of Halloween remained the same as in their youth. While preparing for an annual meeting with friends, the main heroine Tatiana (friends call her Bell) could not even imagine that this time nostalgic tasting of traditional student's drink will result in a murder. Unravelling a ball of old passions and offences, Tatiana will find out that their student's fellowship has become an illusion. Will the former friends manage to break off the chain mutual betrayals? And who, among eight companeros, is a real bearer of deceitful and seductive "fox smile"?

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Svetlana Snitko
Director: Igor Draka Idea’s author: Marina Chudina
Written by: Vera Smirnova, Inna Vasileva, Natalia Klimova, Nina Kolbina
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: detective melodrama
Release year: 2016

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