Release news: Five minutes of silence

Release news: Five minutes of silence
The first show of 10-episode “Five minutes of silence” adventure drama on NTV channel – February 20, at 19: 40.

Actors: Igor Lifanov, Roman Kurtsyn, Anna Peskova, Anastasia Steshko, Konstantin Vorobyev, Oleg Andreev, Artur Vakha

This is a story about members of 42-21 "Emergencies Ministry-Kareliya" rescue-and-recovery squad. They have become legendary, their rescue operations turn into exciting proverbial stories to be told to beginners around the fireplace. The matter is that our heroes manage to find non-standard way out of every situation, which sometimes may seem to be madness or joke. The routine of 42-21 squad is disturbed by young expert from the capital - Alexander Grek. We will observe his transformation from a young green guy into a strong and independent person over ten episodes.

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Pavel Babin
Director: Alexei Prazdnikov
Written by: Evgeny Kuratov, Vadim Fominykh
Runtime: 10 episodes, each 48 minutes long
Genre: drama, adventures
Release year: 2017

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