Release news: Everything for the better 2

The first show of “Everything for the better 2” detective melodrama on “TV-Center” channel - October 28, at 17:00.

Continuation of popular "Everything for the better 2" mini-series. Anna and Nikolai still love each other, their children (Anna's son Kostya and Nikolai's daughter Nadya) have already graduated from school and explore new prospects. Though, everything looks problem-less and happy, the family ruins from within. Nikolai faces troubles at work and is afraid to tell his wife about it. Anna feels old and left alone. Kostya is fed up with mother's care and wants to live independently, while Nadya has a grudge against her father and thinks he's indifferent to her successes. Suddenly it turns out that Anna is pregnant but Nikolai, anxious about doctor's forecasts, asks her to terminate pregnancy. At work, Nikolai's basks in attention of a gorgeous business lady called Irina who has already made Nikolai's best friend fallen in love with her. The most talented boxer in his club pines for Nadya and is jealous of her contacts with Kostya. Soon the boxer is found seriously wounded and Kostya is accused of attack on him… Heroes start realizing they cannot overcome all these troubles alone.

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director: Ruslan Ibragimov
Written by: Yekaterina Latanova, Leonid Patskevich\
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: detective melodrama
Release year: 2017

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