Release news: Death Degree

On March 12, at 20: 00, the TV-Center channel will premiere the detective film "Death Degree" - the second TV movie from the "Golden Blood" series.

Cast: Antonina Divina, Evgeny Shirikov, Ilya Bledny, Tatyana Dogileva, Leonid Gromov, Mikhail Politseymako, Dmitry Krivosheev, Igor Klimov, Alexander Borisov, etc.

At night, at the gates of the Hermitage Garden, two men try to dispose of the corpse of a third man, but, startled by a random passerby, they abandon the corpse and flee. Cultural scientist Svetlana, who now works as a consultant for the Investigative Committee, guesses that the dead man participated in a Masonic ritual. Investigator Vadim does not take this version seriously: the murdered man was rich and had many enemies. However Svetlana insists and unravels the intricacies of modern Masonic intrigue. And the people who look like criminals end up being puppets in someone else's hands.

Directed by: Filipp Korshunov
Written by: Anton Markov
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Genre: Detective
Runtime: 90 min.
Release year: 2020

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