Release news: Black Orlov

On March 5, at 20: 00, the TV-Center channel will premiere the detective film "Black Orlov" - the first TV movie from the "Golden Blood" series.

Cast: Antonina Divina, Evgeny Shirikov, Ilya Bledny, Tatyana Dogileva, Leonid Gromov, Mikhail Politseymako, Dmitry Krivosheev, etc.

Svetlana, a cultural scientist, attends a closed reception at Petrovsky Palace with her husband, Professor Dremov, and the evening turns out to be fatal for her. She not only learns that her beloved husband has long been cheating on her, but also finds the corpse... of Napoleon. Of course, he's not a real emperor - just an entertainer in a Bonaparte costume - but he was really killed. And the worst thing is that Svetlana becomes the main suspect in the crime. All the troubles are dumped on her at once: she has a divorce and a battle for a child, she loses her job and tries to find a new place to live, while trying to prove her innocence to the investigator. Thanks to extensive knowledge, intelligence, and observation, Svetlana will be able to unravel a complex crime, with a mysterious Black Orlov in its center. And the investigator Vadim will realize that he could not find a better colleague.

Directed by: Filipp Korshunov
Written by: Anton Markov
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Genre: Detective
Runtime: 90 min.
Release year: 2020

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