Release news: Nomad

On November 13, at 17.50, the premiere of the new detective series "Nomad" will take place on the TV channel "TV Center".

General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director of Photography: Dmitry Magonov
Operator: Alexander Andriyakhin
Executive Producer: Dmitry Zolotov
Creative Producer: Oleg Bogatov
Scriptwriter: Veta Ostrovskaya, Andrey Terekhov, Evelina Barseghyan, Evgeny Kuratov
Actors: Tatiana Kazyuchits, Vsevolod Boldin, Konstantin Silakov, Andrey Simonkin, Valery Kirillov, Valery Sokolov, Andrey Zubkov, Andrey Garkunov, etc.
Genre: Detective/romance
Runtime: 4/44 min
Release year: 2022

Investigator Victoria Belyaeva is not only a professional in her field, but also an ideal employee without burdens – children and husbands. That is why she is constantly sent on business trips to different cities of Russia to investigate non-standard crimes. In Yaroslavl, a mystical case awaits her: a Moscow colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was killed under mysterious circumstances. By an incredible coincidence, in the city on the Volga, Victoria meets her former lover, businessman Sergei Limanov. He is looking for his missing wife, actress Lilia, who in the past destroyed his relationship with Vika. And now Sergey is asking his ex-girlfriend to find his legal spouse. Reluctantly, Victoria undertakes to help him. But it will be much easier to uncover a series of mysterious murders in Yaroslavl and the secret of the "bronze" corpses in Uglich than to penetrate the mystery of Lilia. In the process of searching, Victoria and Sergey get closer and realize that their relationship is not over. But are they ready for this?

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