Filmmaking news: Woman In Trouble 3 and 4

Filmmaking news: Woman In Trouble 3 and 4
The preparatory period for the filming of seasons 3 and 4 of the detective romance story " Woman In Trouble" began.

Cast: Tatiana Kazyuchits, Maxim Shchegolev, Kira Kaufman

Sequel of "A Woman in Trouble" cycle so popular with the audience.

Again, it's not all roses in Ivan and Anya's family. Ivan's ex-wife Olga with her little son suddenly come to their home: they had to flee from Omsk, because apparently her husband Eduard copped it. Anya hopes that Eduard will come soon, too, and take his family back, but it looks like Olga has decided to stay and is planning a divorce. How does Anya know that she doesn't have eyes for Ivan? Anya is worried, and when Ivan, after a secret talk with Olga, goes to a motel outside the city without telling anything to his wife, she goes there, too, intending to get to the bottom of this. However, all she finds in the motel room is his knife... and Eduard's body.

Ivan who was seen by the motel's guests coming out of Eduard's room, is detained by the police. Anya would go to all lengths to prove her husband's innocence, but she also has to defend Olga, Anyuta, and herself, because the bandits are going after them demanding the money Eduard stole. Soon, Anya begins to suspect that Olga knows a great deal more than she says...

Anya's mother Valentina goes to a social services' office and disappears. Our heroes, off their legs trying to find her, suspect that she was kidnapped – but who would kidnap an old woman from a modest family, and why?

It turns out Valentina has recently sold a dacha for a suspiciously high price. Her husband Gleb suspects the dacha neighbor's son who could abduct her for ransom. But that would be too simple... It turns out Valentina has sold the dacha to a Roman, the son of the big businessman Pavel Kondratyev who recently died. Anya finds photos from the millionaire's funeral and is stunned to spot her mother in the mourning crowd. Anya makes an investigation and discovers that young Valentina and Pavel had a violent love affair. However, later they separated, and Kondratyev felt guilty his whole life. Before he died, he left his business to the woman he once loved to take care of her and their daughter, Anya.

Now, several sides are fighting for Pavel's property, ready to deal with Valentina and Anya at any moment. Gleb is the one our heroine is most scared for, though: will his weak heart be able to stand the news that Anya is not his daughter?

Production company: LLC "PRIOR Production" and LLC "Green-Film"
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Film director: Alexey Prazdnikov
Scriptwriters: Natalia Kudryavtseva
Category: detective/romance
Runtime: 4 episodes of 44 minutes
Production year: 2016

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