Filmmaking news: This dusty summer

Shooting of 4-episode detective drama "This dusty summer" started on July 22.

Actors: Vadim Andreev, Sergey Zharkov, Olga Vinichenko, Dmitry Kalyazin, Yulia Kokryatskaya

A quiet provincial town is shocked with a bloody drama: an elderly taxi driver Makarych suddenly becomes the main suspect in the murder of politician Remezov, a candidate for mayor. Makarych has two adult children, both trying to prove innocence of their father. The elder son Vlad, employee of the local Federal Security Service, is removed from official investigation, but he cannot stay aside. The younger daughter Tina is trying to find the truth using her means: she participates in ultimate fighting and consorts with criminal circles. The problem is that children of Makarych do not speak to each other since long and cannot unite their efforts. Moreover, over time, Vlad begins to suspect that his father is not as innocent as he has believed at first. And Tina begins to suspect Vlad... And it's not only Tina who suspects him. The investigation is headed by Elena, Vlad's colleague and his former mistress. She is sure Makarych had accomplice from the FSS – who else, but his son? Meanwhile, the real killer, elusive and untraceable man alias the Artist, remains at large. He has not completed the case yet, and one of the characters is threatened with mortal danger.

Directed by: Natalia Khlopetskaya
Written by: Alexander Chubaryan
Film producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Producer: Studio "Telemaster" LLC
Genre: detective drama
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Release year: 2018

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