Filmmaking news: The second life

Filmmaking news: The second life
On May 23, the filming of a detective melodrama “The second life” have commenced.

Cast: Evgenia Osipova, Ivan Stebunov, Elena Molchenko, Dmitriy Gusev, Dmitriy Kalyazin and others

Yulia and her pregnant sister Katya witness a cash transit van’s robbery by a gang. During the shooting, the bandits kill all cash guards. They don’t notice the sisters, but Katya gets hit by a stray bullet and dies in a hospital. Her unborn baby is saved, though, and Yulia adopts the survived girl. Meanwhile, one of the bandits causes a car accident where both wife and daughter of Andrey, the captain of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, die. He nearly goes out of his mind, loses his job and withdraws into himself.

One year later, the wanted gang leader is found and Yulia who has identified him is supposed to witness in the court. The gang leader’s accomplices intend to kill Yulia, but Andrey who happened to be around saves her. Starting this moment, he embarks on helping her. Having found a new purpose in life, Andrey will reassume himself and understand quite soon that Yulia and her little daughter have become a new family to him.

Production company: ООО “Studia Pro 100 Film” ordered by “Telemaster” studio
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Anastasia Shipulina
Film director: Andrey Vereshchagin
Scriptwriter: Yuriy Tarabanchuk
Category: detective melodrama
Runtime: 4 episodes, 44 minutes each
Production year: 2015

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