Filmmaking news: "Marathon for the Three Graces" and "Between Three Stools"

Filmmaking news: "Marathon for the Three Graces" and "Between Three Stools"
On August 13, 2015 the filming of the ironic detective stories "Marathon for the Three Graces" and "Between Three Stools" began, the second and the third part of the trilogy based on novels by Natalia Aleksandrova from the series "Three friends in search of money and happiness".

Cast: Alla Yuganova, Yulia Takshina, Katya Kopanova, Alexander Makogon, Igor Botvin, and others

Katya, Zhanna, and Irina are cheerful middle-aged friends. They don't have secrets between them, they trust and help each other in trouble. They don't need to look for trouble, it's the trouble that finds them.

At a cafe, a bizarre couple gets the friends' attention: the woman secretly passes an envelope to the man. Several minutes later, they spot the same man on the bathroom floor, shot. Before the police came, not only did Katya leave her fingerprints on the gun, but she also took the dead man's envelope with money and photos. All that is left to do for the girls now is to investigate for themselves before Katya ends up in jail for the murder. The dead man turns out to be a private detective who blackmailed his targets for hush money. Having gone through his last dossiers, the friends are trying to find out the victim of the blackmailer who was the most afraid of disclosure.

On a forest trip, the friends witness a murder and report to the police. The criminal begins to hunt them: To one of them, he sends poisoned coffee and plants a bomb at her place, damages the brakes in the car of the other one, and drops a rhinoceros head on the third one. The investigation leads the heroines to an art gallery, "The Garden of Eden", where bandits hide more valuable paintings under the foundation of the pictures to smuggle them abroad. The women are abducted and locked on an abandoned plant... Will they manage to get away this time?

Production company: LLC "Studio Green-Film" by the order of studio "Telemaster"
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Film director: Igor Royzman
Scriptwriters: Denis Yeleonskii, Yuri Tarabanchuk, and Kira Khudolei
Category: ironic detective story
Runtime: 4 episodes of 44 minutes
Production year: 2015

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