Filmmaking news: It’s all for the best

Filmmaking news: It’s all for the best
A pre-production period of the melodrama “It’s all for the best” is currently in the process.

Until recently, Anna’s life was quite trouble-free: she was considered the top employee at work and at home she was taking care of her old stepfather and raising her 15-year-old son Rodion who was a violinist of good promise. Then, suddenly, in one second, everything went down the drain. She was given the sack because of the enviers’ dirty schemes, her stepfather died suddenly and intestate and his biological son Boris immediately laid a claim for the apartment and started terrorizing Anna. Afraid for her son’s life, she urgently moves into a studio in the city’s outskirts, where she is pestered by alcoholic neighbors and Rodion becomes a favorite target for the bullies from the local school. Unexpectedly, the delicate teenager found a protector in Nastya, the daughter of a former boxing champion Nikolay who brought her up singlehandedly after his wife’s death. The friendship between Nastya and Rodion meets no support in their parents, as Anna and Nikolay felt a strong mutual antipathy from the very first time they met. However, when Anna is evicted from her apartment and, together with her son, is left without a roof over their heads, when Anna finds her son’s father and realizes that he is a rascal, then Nikolay will become a source of hope and reliance for her.

Production company: ООО “Studio Green-Film” ordered by “Telemaster” studio
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Alexey Longin
Scriptwriter: Elena Zhukova
Category: melodrama
Runtime: 4 episodes, 44 minutes each
Production year: 2015

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