Filmmaking news: Hotel Phoenix

On October 12, shooting of two seasons of the mystery detective "Hotel Phoenix" - the Russian adaptation of the Belgian TV series "Beau Séjour" began in St. Petersburg.

Cast: Alexandra Kashtanova, Oleg Almazov, Igor Botvin, Elena Zakharova, Maxim Khanzhov, Liana Griba, Vladislav Mezenin, Andrey Mokeev, Natalia Tkachenko, Lyubov Mokeeva


Nineteen-year-old Lera Pichugina wakes up in a hotel room stained with blood. She sees her lifeless body lying in the bathtub... what happened to her? Running away from the hotel, she tries to call for help, but no one notices her. Soon all doubts are dispelled. Lera's corpse is pulled out of the lake. Is she really dead? If so, why is she still walking among the living? And why only a few people can see her? And why is it exactly them who see her? Lera doesn't know what will happen next, but decides to find who murdered her



Lera Pichugina continues to investigate her murder and discovers many secrets behind the veil of a happy life in a peaceful town. Her relatives, friends, and acquaintances reveal themselves to her from an unexpected side. Meanwhile, the investigator believes that Lera was killed by a serial killer, who still roams free. This means that no one in town can sleep peacefully. This means that soon there will be new victims.

Director: Vladimir Koifman
Written by: Andrey Terekhov, Mikhail Bobrovnik, Anna Smolnyakova
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Genre: mystical detective
Runtime: 8 episodes x 44 min.
Release year: 2020

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