Filmmaking news: Golden blood

On August 29, shooting of the TV movies “Black Orlov” and “Degree of death” began in Moscow. They open the “Golden Blood” - a new detective franchise about the cultural and historical secrets of the capital.

Cast: Antonina Divina, Evgeny Shirikov, Ilya Pledny, et al.

Golden blood. Black Orlov

Culture researcher Svetlana comes to a private court at Petrovsky Palace together with her husband, Professor Dremov, and this evening turns out to be fatal for her. She not only finds out that her beloved husband has been cheating on her for a long time, but also finds the corpse of... Napoleon. Surely, the emperor is not real — just an entertainer wearing Bonaparte's costume. But the murder is real. And worst of all is that Svetlana becomes the main suspect of the crime. Multiple troubles fell on her at once: she will have to divorce and struggle for her child; she loses her job and tries to find a new place to live, while not leaving the attempts to prove her innocence to the investigator. Thanks to her extensive knowledge, intelligence and attentiveness, Svetlana will be able to solve a complex crime, with the mysterious Black Orlov in the center of it And the investigator Vadim will realize he has found the best partner.

Golden blood. Degree of death

At night, at the gate of the Hermitage Garden, two men try to take out the corpse of the third man, but, being disturbed by a casual passer-by, abandon the corpse and escape. According to implicit signs, Svetlana guesses that the deceased participated in the Masonic ritual. Vadim doesn't take this version seriously: the killed man was rich and had many enemies. However, Svetlana insists and unravels the entanglement of modern Masonic intrigues. And the men who seem to be criminals turn out to be puppets in other people's hands.

Director: Philipp Korshunov
Written by: Anton Markov
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Genre: detective
Runtime: 90 min.
Release year:  2020

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