Filmmaking news: Cat house

On July 18, shooting of the 4-episode detective melodrama “Cat house” began in Krasnodar.

Cast: Olga Filippova, Alexey Vakulov, Dmitry Lavrov, Alexandra Kashtanova, Andrey Karako, et al.

Nadezhda Koshkina runs the private Crisis Center for Women commonly known as “Cat house” (surname Koshkina - Cat). Nobody knows that in her youth, Nadezhda left her daughter in the orphanage to save her from her father - the tyrant Yudin, who repeatedly raised a hand against Koshkina. Suffering from the loss of her daughter and serching for her without any success, Koshkina devotes her life to women caught up in a desperate situation. One of her clients is Natalia Bolshova — a well-known TV host of women's talk show, who, ironically, became a victim of domestic violence. Unexpectedly, Koshkina find out that the torturer-husband of Bolshova is... Yudin. Realizing that Koshkina knows too much about him, he decides to destroy both her and her “Cat house”. 

Director: Alexey Karelin
Written by: Zhanna Zaloga
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Genre: Adventures, drama
Runtime: 4х44 min.
Release year:  2020

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