Filmmaking news: A murder for three

Filmmaking news: A murder for three
On July 9, 2015 filming of "A Murder for Three", an ironic detective show, the first part of a trilogy based on a cycle of novels by Natalia Aleksandrova "Three friends in search of money and happiness", starts. Alla Yuganova is confirmed for the main part.

Katya, Zhanna, and Irina are cheerful middle-aged friends. They don't have secrets between them, they trust and help each other in trouble. They don't need to look for trouble, it's the trouble that finds them.

On a spa weekend, the friends meet Olga, borrow her book and forget to return it. On the same day, they discover an unidentified man's body in their room, and Olga disappears. The girls come home. Some time later, all of them get a lover who as they finally realize is the same person. However, they don't have the time to uncover him: he is found dead as well. And one of them is a suspect.

As if this wasn't enough, soon the friends start getting threatening calls. A stranger demands that they give him Olga's book immediately. Indeed, the book contains the encoded location of a cache where the spa resort dead man has hidden €5 million…

Category: ironic detective show
Production company: LLC "Studio Green-Film" by the order of studio "Telemaster"
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Film director: Alexander Kiriyenko
Scriptwriters: Evgeny Kuratov
Runtime: 4 episodes of 44 minutes
Production year: 2015

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