Filmmaking news: Nurse

Shooting of the detective melodrama "Nurse" has finished.

Actors: Alexander Naumov, Irina Cherichenko, Anastasia Mytrazhik, Filipp Bledny, Alexandra Bogdanova, Olga Naumenko, Vitaly Alshansky

Igor is a young promising lawyer, making his first steps to conquer Moscow. And he has luck: he passes the interview and is hired by a large development company. There is a brilliant career and a happy life with his beautiful girlfriend Zhanna ahead of him. Their affair develops rapidly when the hero suddenly realizes that the daughter of the company head is over head and ears in love with him. Masha is a plain, weird girl, exact opposite of lively and passionate Zhanna. Once Igor reciprocates feelings of the oligarch's daughter he will have everything he has dreamed about. But he was just going to ask Zhanna to marry him. Several months, Igor leads excruciating double life, before making a choice in favor of the rich heiress. However, the hero does not realize he's become just a pawn in someone else's game. Soon the life of successful young man will turn into hell and he will have to make a choice again.

Directed by: Karen Zakharov
Written by: Boris Gaiduk
Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Anastasia Shipulina
Producer: "Hitfilm Production" LLC by the order of "TeleMaster" studio
Genre: detective melodrama
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Release year: 2018

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