Filmmaking news: Dilettante

Filmmaking news: Dilettante
Filming of detective melodrama «Dilettante» has finished.

Actors: Daria Moroz, Anton Feoktistov, Anton Vasilyev, Anatoly Lobotsky

Father of Denis Martov, a young owner of the company producing computer games, is missing. Denis has not talked to his father for several years and soon finds out his father was kidnapped. Kira Solomina, investigator who is notable for her uncompromising attitude to criminals and obstinacy in work, has to investigate the case. At first, the heroes are up in arms about each other - Denis considers her to be hard-hearted formalist, she sees him as a spoilt dandy poking his nose into other man's business. From the very beginning, Denis participates in investigation actively and soon becomes the irreplaceable helper for Kira. Thanks to Denis, she manages to reveal a secret of her own past, find a trace of Denis' father kidnappers, and save him from inevitable death. But the main thing is that the heroes realize this would have been impossible without belief in each other, hope for the better, and love to life…

Production company: “Pro100Film” production center LLC by order of Studiya TeleMaster LLC
Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Anastasia Shipulina
Director: Yury Popovich
Written by: Genrikh Mamoev
Genre: detective melodrama
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Release year: 2016

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