Filmmaking news: Centrum

Casting of actors for the main roles in «Centrum» movie cinematizing Sergei Lukyanenko's "Outpost" fantasy novel has started.

Centrum. The central world of the Universe is surrounded by petals of the parallel worlds including our Earth. Once Centrum was great and powerful, but anthropogenic disaster has pushed it back to the past. Here, at the crossroads of hundreds civilizations, Frontier guards squad keeps watch and protects borders between the worlds… The earthman in Centrum does not have a wide range of choice and can become either a smuggler or frontier guard. Sometimes the differences between these jobs are not so big... But sooner or later the one has to decide on the attitude to frontier service. As now the Earth is menaced from the same disaster that has once come to Centrum…

Film producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director: Andrei Volgin
Cameraman: Vyacheslav Lisnevsky
Written by: Sergei Lukyanenko, with contributions from Dmitry Baikalov and Andrei Sinitsin
Genre: fantasy
Release year: 2018

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