Cinema festival news: Let Me Kiss You, Sir! 4: Father of the Bride

From the 18th to the 24th of September Tula will host the 16th Open Russian comedy festival "Smile, Russia!". "PRIOR" company group is represented by the comedy "Let Me Kiss You, Sir! 4: Father of the Bride".

Cast: Igor Lifanov, Maria Kulikova, Mikhail Tryasorukov, Boris Shcherbakov, Alina Gumenyuk, Kirill Baloban

It's been five years since the events of "Let Me Kiss You… At The Wedding".
"The Fly", Vlasov's daughter from the first marriage who is finishing her education abroad, comes from London. This is generally good news, except she is not coming alone, but with a geeky-looking boyfriend. "Dad, mom, meet my fiancé Harry," she declares out of the gate. Vlasov is shocked! "First, pass the beginner's training on my military base, and if you do it honorably and prove that you are a man, then we shall see," he tells Harry who is on for real soldier drills facilitated by the captain of the Tiny. Meanwhile Natasha, Vlasov's wife, decides to go back to work after her maternity leave: baby Rodya is old enough for the kindergarten. Will Harry sail through all the schemes and trials that the bride's ingenious father prepared for him? Will Natasha and Grigory serve at the same base like they wanted to? Will Masha marry Harry, or does the fortune send her a better variant? See in the "Let Me Kiss You, Sir! 4: Father of the Bride".

Production company: LLC "Green Film" by the order of the LLC "Telefilm Production"
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Pavel Babin, Mikhail Churbanov
Film director: Petr Amelin
Scriptwriters: Vadim Golovanov ("My Fair Nanny"), Yury Morozov
Runtime: 90 minutes
Category: comedy
Production year: 2014

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