Filmmaking news: The golden couple

Filming of “The golden couple” lyrical comedy started on October 22.

Actors: Valeria Lanskaya, Prokhor Dubravin, Artem Grigorev, Dana Abyzova

A year long, police fails all attempts to catch an amorous twosome which commits bold burglaries and collects the rarest and finest jewellery in the world. Lovers put all witnesses sleep using a gas and do not leave any traces. Finally, there is a tiny thing to go by: investigator Shura Andreeva assumes the criminals are going to join a two-day group excursion to Kaliningrad; of course, not to have a rest - their goal is Amber Museum. Shura's arguments do not persuade her boss and he refuses to organize an operation. So Shura, at her peril, joins the excursion alone, pretending to be a usual tourist. She's accompanied by her boyfriend Yury who actually does not like the fact she devotes another one weekend to job and doubts their relationship has any prospects. Over two days Shura will have to examine not only artful plans of the robbers, but also her feelings. Prevent a crime and test relationship - it's her "things-to-do" list for the weekend!

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director: Andrei Silkin
Written by: Bella Pribylova, Natalia Glasenko
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: lyrical comedy
Release year: 2017

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