Cinema festival news: Moscow-Lopushki

From the 13th to the 20th of September 2015 Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, is hosting the XXIV Open movie festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia "Kinoshock". "PRIOR" company group is represented by the comedy "Moscow-Lopushki".

Cast: Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Vitaly Alshanskiy, Alla Yuganova, Nikolay Ivanov, Alexander Volkov, Elena Molchenko

Two sisters are oil and vinegar. Polina is a city bimbo working at a large publishing house. Masha is a country girl spending her days in the field preparing farmer produce to be sold to the visiting traders. Polina's fiancé is her boss, a prominent businessman. Masha's boyfriend, Vasya, is a hard-working and simple guy. Everything changes at once when Polina gets a visit from her boss's wife who he always forgot to divorce, and instantly deprives her of her fiancé and her work. Masha's quiet life in Lopushki has turned topsy-turvy when the produce buyers make a condition: either the villagers cut the prices down by half or they are not buying anything. Masha and Polina switch places: Polina races to the village to lick love wounds, and Masha goes to Moscow to organize the delivery of produce to the city, or she would go broke over the middlemen's interests. In this completely new environment, the girls get a chance to take a fresh look on their lives and show what they are made of. Poncey Polina gets a second wind in the country's fresh air: she plans to reconstruct an antique homestead and arranges eco trips to Lopushki. Masha is no worse: with her thriftiness and shrewdness, she gets a stall for Lopushki produce at a Moscow market. The story, however, is not about business. It is about two young girls who, laughing and crying, find themselves and also the true love that always appears suddenly and puts everything into perspective.

Production company: LLC "Studio PRO100 Film"
Producer: Anastasia Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik
Film director: Yury Morozov
Scriptwriters: Natalia Pavlovska
Production year: 2014

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