Filmmaking news: My beloved ghost

Filming of “My beloved ghost” lyrical comedy started on October 21.

Actors: Dzhemal Tetruashvili, Anna Taratorkina, Alexander Barshak

Natalia lived with her beloved husband and had a careless and happy life. Misfortune burst out like a thunder: they had an awful car accident and Nikolai dies. After leaving the hospital, the heroine is alone, unable to lead an independent life and struggle. But she does not suffer from loneliness and confusion long as she begins to see the phantom of her spouse. The husband appeared not only to help his wife to put her affairs in order; he pursues another one important aim. Shortly before the death, he has learnt about his son born before meeting with Natalia. Mother has left the child and he grows up in orphanage. Nikolay has not had time to do anything for the boy and asks his wife to found a fund for helping his son, on the basis of inherited firm. After coping with shock, Natalia agrees. She comes to the orphanage and sees a gloomy small boy distrusting everybody. The heroine, who did not want to have children earlier, realizes he should become her son. Despite vehement objections of the ghost, she does everything to win children's heart. She'll face many obstacles on this way and prior to become mother she'll have to mature too.

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director: Alexander Barshak
Written by: Andrei Zabiyaka, Evgeny Kuratov, Yury Sharov
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: lyrical comedy
Release year: 2017

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