Filmmaking news: Accident

Filming of 4-episode «Accident» drama started on August 20.

Actors: Yekaterina Reshetnikova, Denis Matrosov, Anna Miklosh, Sergei Peregudov, Yekaterina Untilova, Roman Gribkov

There is an awful car accident on one of the main capital avenues:off-road car of billionaire Shumin, a head of Bosomoil oil company, jumps into the oncoming traffic lane and rams doctor Krasnov's car. The doctor dies and his wife Zhenya, who was on the way to maternity hospital, gives birth in the ambulance.The board of directors of Bosomoil hires Luzhin -"the expert for solving this problem" - who has to hush up the scandal and protect Shumin from any charges. Luzhin counters the journalist Baksarov, who aims to lay the rich man bare and attain justice. However, this accident is not so simple. Shumin caused an accident as he and his ex-wife Dunya hurried to bring their son to the hospital after he'd fallen into an empty pool and seriously injured his head. Child's state worsens and only unique and urgent operation can save him. And there is only one surgeon in our country capable to do it - Zhenya Krasnova, who has become a widow due to Shumin and Dunya's fault.

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Yulia Sobolevskaya
Director: Vladimir Koifman
Written by: Irina Kvirikadze, Sergei Muratov
Runtime 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: drama
Release year: 2017

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