Filmmaking news: The odd man out

Filming of “The odd man out” melodrama starts on September 22.

Actors: Elena Martynenko, Alexander Makogon, Vladimir Sterzhakov, Kirill Baloban, Vladimir Kolganov, Maxim Bryzgalin

In the heart of the plot, there is a big, reputable, rich and, at first sight, united Tarmanov's family. More than twenty years ago, the father, Georg Tarmanov, has founded "Maxfarm" company which later became one of the leaders in the international medicine market. Now the board of directors includes daughter and two elder sons of Georg - Anna, Boris, and Victor. Brothers hope to expel their sister from the board and hog the company after father's death. But when Georg dies his testament shocks the whole family: he left everything by will to Anna's son, his grandson Maxim Tarmanov, who has sunk in the sea being 12 y.o. But soon Maxim pops up. The young man states he has been kidnapped and spent all these years at some farm, being deprived of any connections with the outer world. He says he's been set free recently, without any explanations… Happy mother is ready to do anything to ensure her recovered son does not feel like and odd man out and stranger in his family. But soon it seems to her intentions of this boy that was deprived of 12 years of a normal life are not good…

Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director: Ruslan Ibragimov
Written by: Alexander Chubaryan
Runtime 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: drama
Release year: 2017

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