Filmmaking news: Aurora’s glove

Filmmaking news: Aurora’s glove
Filming of detective melodrama «Aurora’s glove» has finished.

Actors: Elena Vozhakina, Artem Karasev, Stepan Beketov, Elena Radich, Sergei Koshonin, Anastasia Tyunina

Aurora Sinitsyna, a woman with a degree in history, has to leave her favourite profession to plunge into family business. Strict and rich father not only chose future career for her but also set variance in Aurora's relation with her husband Viktor, in spite of the fact they have a daughter Mashenka. Sinitsyn enjoys having everything and everybody under control and cannot imagine the life of his family is about to collapse. Once Aurora comes to Nelidino village, neighbouring with the old manorial estate, and receives an antique hat box with old letters and a black ladies' glove as a gift. There is an inscription on the box - "Aurora". It turns out that the box has once belonged to a well-known beauty of XIX century called Aurora Gernval aka Fatal Aurora, because she brought misfortunes to all men who loved her. Once Aurora Sinitsyna brings the box to her home and tries on the glove of Aurora Gernval, misfortunes began haunting her family. However, Aurora does not give up: she does not believe in old curses, distinguishes an artful intention behind a mystical fog, and will do anything to save her family and return love.

Director: Igor Draka
Production company: «Eshelon film» company and «Leandra» production company by order of «TeleMaster» studio
Film producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Svetlana Snitko
Written by: Vera Smirnova, Inna Vasilyeva
Runtime: 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: detective melodrama
Release year: 2016

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