Filmmaking news: The Right to Treason

Filmmaking news: The Right to Treason
On June 23, 2023, the filming of the four-part melodrama "The Right to Treason" was completed in Krasnodar.


Cast: Violetta Davydovskaya, Alexey Anishchenko, Sofia Fadeeva, Sergey Pleshakov, Sizov Kim, Kristina Arabina, Tatiana Litvinova, Natalia Pecherskaya, Maxim Sapich, Elizaveta Veligan, Anastasia Sleptsova

Gynecologist-reproductologist Olga Linnikova – "shoemaker without boots". She has helped many women to find the happiness of motherhood. But she herself cannot get pregnant from her beloved husband Pavel – the couple has a genetic incompatibility. Pavel, who raised Olga's son from his first marriage, Sanya, is obsessed with the desire to have a native child. Olga is ready to do anything to fulfill her husband's dream – even risking her health. Olga's attending physician, careerist Svetlana, is trying her best to help her. And for a reason. They both apply for a leadership position in the clinic – the head is retiring. Svetlana hopes that Olga will get pregnant, go on maternity leave, and she will get the coveted position. And now the tenth attempt of IVF turns out to be successful. Pavel is happy. But Olga meets a girl Nastya at the garbage dump, who does not need her own mother and actually lives on the street. Nastya is ill, she has a fever. Olga provides first aid to the girl – as a doctor and just a normal person, she cannot do otherwise. After that, Olga herself has a fever. She's losing the baby. Pavel is sure – it's all because of Nastya. Forbids Olga to even think about the fate of the girl. But Olga secretly continues to help Nastya and becomes attached to her. When Pavel finds out about this, he puts Olga in front of a choice: either he or Nastya. Svetlana, meanwhile, decides to get rid of the competitor. She has a plan to destroy not only Olga's professional reputation, but also her marriage.

Director: Evgeny Tatarov
Operator: Andrey Kapranov
General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Executive Producer: Dmitry Zolotov
Creative Producer: Anastasia Demidova
Scriptwriter: Julia Sandurskaya
Genre: melodrama
Runtime: 4x44 minutes
Release year: 2023

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