Filmmaking news: The Icy Heart of Severina

Filmmaking news: The Icy Heart of Severina
On July 9, filming of the four-part melodrama "The Icy Heart of Severina" was completed in St. Petersburg.


Cast: Olga Andilevko, Kristina Kuzmina, Kira Kaufman, Dmitry Lavrov, Dmitry Podnozov, Artem Karasev, Alexey Vedernikov, Evgenia Glotova, Valentina Ikkert, Irina Rakshina, Alexandra Sydoruk, Polina Voichenko, Anton Pulit

Based on the novel of the same name by Maria Voronova. Three years have passed since the events of the movie "Book Girl". Professor Ruslan Volchetkin still captivates the female hearts of his colleagues at the clinic. His next "victim" was Inga, a beautiful woman and a talented surgeon. She had almost lost hope that Ruslan would ever get divorced, almost resigned to the prospect of forever remaining a single mother and lover of a married man. So it would have been if Severina hadn't burst into her life. Thanks to her intelligence, will and talent, Severina became the most successful and richest woman in the city, but it did not bring her happiness. She is not capable of being happy at all, because there is too much hatred and deadly cold in her soul. Hoping to be cured once and for all, she decides to take revenge on her main offender many years later and comes up with a very sophisticated plan: gradually take away everything from a person. And if several more lives are destroyed in parallel, well. Severina will have to learn that revenge does not bring happiness to anyone, and hatred is defeated only by love. She will have time to severely injure many before she realizes this. But for those women whom Severina uses for revenge, these blows suddenly become an occasion to change something.

Director: Olga Candidatova
General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Producer: Dmitry Zolotov
Executive Producer: Irina Romanova 
Scriptwriter: Georgy Samsonov
Genre: melodrama
Runtime: 4 x 44 minutes
Release year: 2023

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