Filmmaking news: Three Roads

Filmmaking news: Three Roads
The filming of the 4-episode romance "Three Roads" is complete.

Cast: Evgeny Pronin, Vsevolod Boldin, Olga Arntgolts, Maria Kulikova, Andrey Egorov

1974. The father of little Slava and Seryozha dies in a car accident and their mother, mad from sorrow, leaves the house. The brothers are sent to an orphanage where, several years later, seven-year-old Seryozha is adopted by a rich family from Moscow who recently lost their little son. Slava, unable to forgive his younger brother's betrayal, does not keep in touch with him, and all his affection goes to his orphanage friend Kolka. Later, a new teacher Valeria comes to the orphanage, who becomes the second mother for Slava and Kolka, and both of them fall in love with her daughter Tanya.

Slava gets a degree in Technology, Kolka comes back disabled from Afghanistan, and Seryozha, raised in a hostile family, miserable and alone, loses hope of making it up with his brother when Tanya falls in love with him and abandons Slava. Several years later Seryozha comes to Slava to talk about their mother who disappeared, but gets drunk and find himself in the bed of Slava's mistress where Tanya discovers him. Stricken with grief, she never reveals her pregnancy to her fiancé, makes an abortion and marries Slava.

Years are passing. Kolya has troubles in his business, but he does not want to disturb his luckier friend Slava and goes to the shootout with Seryozha. Tanya who does not even pretend to be happily married, asks her husband for help, and when he gives a large sum to redeem his friend and brother, he loses his wife for good: she slips away to Seryozha. Later she discovers that she is pregnant with Slava's baby. She is afraid of telling Slava, but the secret is a bring-down hindering the lovers' happiness.

Meanwhile Slava finds his mother in a Novosibirsk center for mental health and takes her to Moscow where a talented doctor Nina helps to almost completely regenerate her mind... and falls in love with Slava. Having overcome the old wounds, the brothers finally make a step towards each other: Slava returns Seryozha's mom, and Seryozha confesses that he and Tanya are raising Slava's son. The family comes back together.

Film director: Miroslav Malich
Production company: studio "TeleMaster" together with "SV Cinema" and "ABC Film" company
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Vitaly Sirenko
Scriptwriters: Natalia Shimboretskaya, Vladimir Yatskevich
Runtime: 4 episodes of 44 minutes
Category: detective/romance
Production year: 2016

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