Filmmaking news: The White Lie

Filmmaking news: The White Lie
The filming of a 4-episode thrilling detective romance show "The White Lie" is complete.

Cast: Anastasia Panina, Vladimir Zherebtsov, Oleg Kamenshchikov, Alexey Matoshin, Lyubava Greshnova, Petr Rykov

A young crime investigator Oleg finds a connections between the strange deaths that have recently occurred in the city, and he suspects the local banker Rusakov in committing the murders. He understands that far more powerful people are behind Rusakov, but he does not back down, and his life is derailed. His best friend is killed, Oleg is dismissed from the investigation. Instead of him, investigator Polina is appointed who is clearly connected to the criminals. Trouble spreads to his family, too: his beloved wife Irina suspects Oleg in cheating, and its son Deniska who suffers from partial mutism becomes completely withdrawn. Later, Oleg is arrested on the charge of murdering Irina's first husband, and even she is not sure of his innocence. Soon, his lawyer is found dead. Irina realizes Oleg was fit up and staying in the prison is dangerous, and she makes an audacious move: she confesses in the murder of her ex-husband so that Oleg is set free. Meanwhile Oleg escapes from the prison: this is the only way he could save his relatives...

Production company: LLC "PRIOR Production" and studio "Pro100Film"
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Anastasia Shipulina
Film director: Andrey Vereshchagin
Scriptwriters: Natalia Pershina
Category: detective/romance
Runtime: 4 episodes of 44 minutes
Production year: 2016

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