Filmmaking news: Way through the snow

Filmmaking news: Way through the snow
Preparatory period to filming of «Way through the snow» has started.

Anastasia Stezhko, Denis Schvedov

On December 30, Elya is going to fly from Petersburg to Moscow, to meet her mate - they got acquainted on the Internet and decided to celebrate New year together. The mate asks her to take a case with documents she'll be given at the airport. However, the documents are of great interest from a young guy called Denis: he was ordered to steal the case. He does not manage to do it at once. Moreover, all flights are cancelled due to foul weather and, as a result, Elya and Denis rent the same car. On the way, he'll try to steal the case time and again, but it will be not so easy. They are going to have a long journey, full of dangers, adventures, and sudden discoveries. Project filming is planned for February 2017. The first show will be presented on TVC channel.

Film producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Director: Ashot Keshyan
Written by: Yury Tarabanchuk, Kira Khudolei
Runtime: 2 episodes, each 44 minutes long
Genre: luric comedy
Release year: 2017

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