Filmmaking news: Dancing in the Dark

Filmmaking news: Dancing in the Dark
On November 6, filming of the series "Dancing in the Dark" - the continuation of the detectives "Dancing on Sand" and "Dancing on Coals" began in St. Petersburg.


Cast: Daria Rumyantseva, Alexander Pashkov, Daria Kukarskikh, Vladislav Komarov, Vladimir Petrov, Dmitry Buteev, Olga Andilevko, Anton Sidanchenko, Evgeny Ryzhik, Pavel Kharizanov, Sergey Shokolov, Vitaly Taks

Continuation of the detectives "Dancing on sand" and "Dancing on coals".
A couple of Tatiana and Pavel take on a new case. A young and promising farmer Vasily Tishchin was killed in his house with a hunting rifle. Vasily's wife, Yasya Shchukin, and the father of the murdered man, Igor Tishchin, are experiencing the loss of a loved one with difficulty. Pavel recalls that a few months ago, a tragedy had already happened in the Tishchin-Shchukin family: Vasily's father-in-law, Nikolai Shchukin, died in an explosion in his own house, and Yasya lost her sight as a result of her injuries and is now blind. The case was not given a go and everything was written off as an accident, despite the large number of detractors from the farming magnates. It is not so easy to unravel the crime, because an exemplary and indicative at first glance family hides a lot of personal secrets, intrigues and troubles that its members are in no hurry to share with the investigation. Pavel and Tatiana will have to sort out the details of the case and find the real killer, but everything is complicated by unexpected and not the most pleasant surprises and twists for the heroes. In addition to the fireworks of emotions at work, the couple faces problems in their personal life. Pavel makes Tatiana a marriage proposal, which, for certain reasons, she does not really want to accept…

Director: Alexey Holidays
Operator: Yaroslav Protsko
General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Creative Producer: Oleg Bogatov
Executive Producer: Dmitry Zolotov
Scriptwriter: Vasily Abdrashitov
Genre: Detective
Runtime: 4 episodes / 44 min.
Release year: 2022

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