Release news: Dancing on coals

On March 12, at 17:10, the premiere of the 4-episode detective "Dancing on Coals" will take place on the TV-Center TV channel.

Actors: Daria Rumyantseva, Alexander Pashkov, Alice Varova, Maxim Fomin, Ilya Ryabov, Peter Zhuravlev, Valentina Ikkert and others

Is a continuation of the popular detective story "Dancing on the Sand".

Once Zoya was a happy wife and mother, adored her work in kindergarten and lived serenely. And then something broke and she lost everything. She has been undergoing psychiatric treatment for two years now, during which time she has had memory lapses more than once, she even tried to commit suicide. She is better now, but her daughter has lost the habit of her, her husband has married another, and although the family still takes care of Zoya, it is no longer her family. Arriving at the dacha to the parents of her ex-husband, she feels like a stranger and not needed by anyone. It was on this day that a strange burial was found near their village: the bones of a man who died two years ago rest under a concrete slab. The police are identifying him and interviewing local residents. No one will identify the deceased... Except Zoey. And that same night, a new murder occurs. The case is being handled by the investigators Tatiana and Pavel, who are already familiar to us. Now they cooperate on equal terms, and it seems that their relationship has only become more complicated...

Director: Dmitry Magonov
General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Creative Producer: Natalia Mikryukova
Executive Producer: Dmitry Zolotov
Producer: Julia Sobolevskaya
Scriptwriter: Olga Andreeva
Genre: Detective
Runtime: 4 episodes of 44 min.
Release year: 2022

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