Cinema festival news: New wine

The movie “New wine” produced by “HitFilm Production” producer company was awarded with two prizes of the festival of debuts “Spirit of Fire” in Khanty-Mansiysk.

On March 4, the 17th International Festival of Debuts “Spirit of Fire” ended in Khanty-Mansiysk. One of the movies participating in the festival was “New wine” produced by “HitFilm Production” LLC. By decision of the international jury, the movie was awarded with two awards. Yekaterina Volkova was awarded with the Alexander Abdulov Prize as Best Actress in Russian Debut Film. The duet of Katerina Shpitsa and Valeria Burduzha got the award as the best actor duet.

Actors: Katerina Shpitsa, Alexander Yatsenko, Yekaterina Volkova, Nil Kropalov, Valeria Burduzha, Danila Rassomakhin, Arina Postnikova

One evening brings together four people in the resort town: shy Lyuba, self-confident Mila, modest hick Slava, and handsome Nikolai from the capital. In just one night, the lives of these different people will change: one of the friends will choose a quiet life in a small house with an apricot garden, and the other - the crazy rhythm of the capital. But twenty years later, there will be a new meeting and a new turn in destiny of the friends.

Film producers: Anastasia Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik, Sergey Fix
Directed by: Pyotr Olevsky
Written by: Yelena Isayeva

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