Let me kiss you...

Разрешите тебя поцеловать
  • Year:2008
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Director: Anario Mamedov
  • Writer: Olga Danilova
  • Producer: Mikhail Churbanov, Rodion Pavlyuchik, Pavel Babin
  • Cast: Igor Lifanov, Mariya Kulikova, Violetta Vakorina, Boris Shcherbakov, Polina Yuminova, Olga Butakova, Yuiya Kuzyutkina


This story takes place in a small military unit stationed in the Urals. Here, in the lack of living space, at the edge of emotions, where one is always watched and has to hide his feelings under the lapels of greatcoat, where the heart must beat in the rhythm of march, will rise our characters’ love.

Leaving behind him a love drama and some challenges at his service, Major Grigory Vlasov transfers to another unit. Here, he immediately faces another problem - a group of women, cheerful and flighty warrant officers, whose interpretation of the military statute is far too free, and who treat their boss with familiarity. This unit is headed by gorgeous and unassailable professional soldier Natalia Kiseleva. First, Vlasov gets confused being surrounded by bantering and provocative girls. But very soon he will have to make quick decisions and to handle the situation.

He will succeed - with the help of his lady officers. Of course this movie is about love. Love that cannot be shown, that is or prohibited by the statute and restrained by ranks. Love that makes colleagues envious, that is worth suffering and fighting for it.