• Year:2017
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Detective
  • Duration: 44 minutes, 4 series
  • Producer: Viktor Mirskiy, Rodion Pavlyuchik


Miron, Kirilll, Kostya and Robin are the backbone of the class, the first both at sporting events and street fights. Even back at school they were called "Invincible." Friends forever ...
They are 30 now. Their paths diverged long ago, all of them have a different social status and life experience, but fate brings them together again ... From one of the friends, a wealthy banker Kostya, strangers kidnap the daughter and demand a huge ransom. Kostya’s beautiful and carefree life starts to crumble: the money collected for the daughter’s redemption is stolen by the kidnappers, the child is no one knows where, and the beloved wife got into the hospital due to the stress and is now bedridden with a suspected massive stroke. Kostya gets in touch with his old friends. With their help he wants to find his daughter, but if they can’t pull it off, at least to take revenge on the killers. What is left from the old friendship? Are the guys ready to become an "unbeatable" team again and look death in the eye?