The best summer in our life

Лучшее лето нашей жизни
  • Year:2011
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Duration: 44 minutes, 4 series
  • Director: Svetlana Muzichenko
  • Producer: Anastasiya Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik, Rauf Atamalimbekov
  • Cast: Anna Zdor, Vladimir Feklenko, Aleksandr Arsentyev, Olga Volkova, Aleksandr Efimov, Svetlana Kolpakova, Sergey Frolov, Marianna Shults, Olga Onishchenko


To conquer a big city an ex-provincial Masha had to put up with the loss of the man she loved. Life was hard on the heroine but she refused to give up. Masha is still young and attractive; she has a eighteen year old daughter who she brings up alone. Masha’s career on television shaped well but her love life failed. From now and then Masha goes on a date with her boss who is hopelessly married.
One day Masha makes a program about firemen and after this program love bursts into her life unexpectedly. Pavel differs totally from the men Maria has dated before. As in famous movie “Moscow doesn’t believe in tears”, their feelings will go through facings but at the end, love will get over all misfortunes.