His love

Его любовь
  • Year:2013
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Duration: 44 minutes, 4 series
  • Director: Pavel Snisarenko
  • Writer: Yuriy Tarabanchuk
  • Producer: Anastasiya Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik
  • Cast: Konstantin Soloviev, Mariya Kulikova, Marina Kazankova, Alyona Yakovleva, Jemal Tetruashvili


Igor (35) is a successful resuscitator physician. Igor’s colleague Sveta (33) is a single mother who is raising a four year old daughter Dasha. Igor and Sveta are friends who confide in each other: they share a few years of work, but during all this time Igor never looked at her as a woman, only as a friend and colleague. In Sveta’s life appears a new love – a hospital administrator, Anton (32). Igor goes to the store and meets 30 year old Olga there. She is a speech therapist, who left him five years ago...
It turns out that Olga has just got a divorce. Having learned that Igor is still not married, she is trying to resume their relationship. Olga claims she understood that she has always loved only Igor and this marriage was a mistake. It also seems to Igor that he still loves Olga ... they arrange a dinner together.
The same day during the surgery Sveta ,who was assisting Igor, faints. Doctors and Igor are shocked because Sveta has never complained about her health. Igor is on duty by Sveta’s bedside. Council of physicians has a hard time diagnosing Svetlana. They need to conduct further tests for that. Sveta is left in the intensive care unit. Igor takes care of Sveta’s daughter and calls the only Sveta’s relative from another city - her sister Jenya (35).
Sveta sometimes comes to her senses, but she is very weak. Dasha is temporarily living at Igor’s place.
He walks her to the daycare, and Igor’s mother is staying with her in the evenings.
The survey reveals that Svetlana has brain tumor and she will live no more than a month. Igor understands that Sveta’s and Dasha’s fate is only in his hands ...