Troublesome neighbourhood

Беспокойный участок
  • Year:2014
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: CrimeRomantic
  • Duration: 45 minutes, 16 series
  • Writer: Gennadi Kayumov, Elena Toldonova
  • Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik


What can be worse than suspense? What can be more terrible than disappearance of your own child?
It happened five years ago. Little Nadia was kidnapped from the playground. Official search gave no results. Without any hesitation Tatiana Petrova left her favorite job and high-ranking position in the prosecutor’s office for the sake of illusory opportunity to find and return her daughter. Now Tatiana is a district police officer. She uses her work to interview all inhabitants of the district where the girl was kidnapped, and explore every nook and cranny to find some clue.
Nobody believes that Nadya is still alive, and Tatiana is supported only by parent intuition, professional flair and her best friend — inspector Vladimir Naumov. Together they will reveal a series of criminal cases and their friendship will gradually develop into a deeper feeling. Will it help Tatiana to cope with her grief? Will despairing mother be strong enough not to lose hope and turn the whole world for the sake of a daughter?