War intelligence service 2. The first hit

Военная разведка 2. Первый удар
  • Year:2011
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: WarAdventures
  • Duration: 52 minutes, 8 series
  • Director: Aleksei Prazdnikov
  • Writer: Andrei Kureichik
  • Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Vladislav Ryashin, Aleksandr Oleynikov
  • Cast: Pavel Trubiner, Filipp Azarov, Stepan Beketov, Boris Shcherbakov


Series “War Intelligence Service: the First hit” is the prequel to the first season “War Intelligence Service: Western Front line” and it covers the first months of the Great Patriotic War and the operations of the intelligence officers in 1941-1942.

The outline of invasion code-named «Barbarossa» is being executed The Germans are moving fast along the invaded Soviet lands. Our characters are challenged by the need to rescue the science men with their families who were taken hostage at the time of their summer vacations. It becomes an almost impossible task for them to destroy a military soviet factory invaded by the Germans. Bringing a Soviet resident back into the German back land would become a mentally challenging psychological game. And it’s not enough to just bring him back, his reputation has to remain unquestionable! In the fourth episode the intelligence officers are taken on a challenge of overthrowing the Nazi Germany economic agenda that Germans imposed on the territories taken over by Reich. While on that mission, our heroes will have to not only destroy the «golden» shipment of Reichsmark, but also kill the man behind the new economical notions, the Gauleiter of Belorussia.

As usual, the intelligence officers would take on challenging enemies and impossible tasks, but with the force of their reckless courage, cleverness and friendship they manage to deal with all the “special cases”.